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Double J Stables - Family fun

Double J Stables Campground Rules

Welcome to Double J! We are glad to have you visit us! Please read and comply with the following rules to help ensure a good visit for all of our guests.
1. If you need us, and we aren't out, please call us at 270-286-0310, or use the call box at the gate located at the entrance of the campground.
  We ask that you respect our privacy and not come to our home.
2. Fighting or any other disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. Anyone that participates in any of this type of behavior will be asked to leave and not return to Double J Stables.
3. Drinking alcoholic beverages is allowed, however, excessive rowdiness or loudness will not be tolerated.
4. No horses or mules are to be in the entertainment area while there is an event going on.
5. All campers must clean up after themselves and their horses.
6. Campers using small pens, hitching posts, stalls or pickets are responsible for cleaning up these areas prior to your departure at the end of your stay.
7. Sawdust must be used and replenished in all undercover stalls.
8. Please put all hay strings in the trash can.
9. Do not tie your horses to trailers in the electric site area.
10. If you rinse down your horse, use the wash area only and please help conserve water.
11. No running horses anywhere on the property.
12. You will be held responsible for any damage your horse(s) or pets do.
13. Do not tie horses to any fence posts, water hydrants, lamp posts, or barn posts. Please use hitching posts.
14. Negative Coggins test results need to be provided upon request.
15. Keep your pets on leashes at all times in the campground area and anywhere else on the property. Do not tie them to or around water or electric hook ups.
16. Trail maps are available upon request.
17. Whatever you take into the park with you (water bottles, cans, etc…), please bring back out with you or deposit your trash into the trash cans that are provided on the trails. Help us keep our park beautiful!
18. If you need firewood or ice, see Dave or Rocky.
19. Please do not put glass or cans in the fire pits.
20. We have set up a recycle station by the ice machine for cans, please crush and recycle your cans.
21. Please feel free to adjust the heat in the bathrooms as needed, but, be kind and turn the heat back to #1 to help conserve propane.

Should you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please bring them to our attention. We want you to enjoy your visit here at Double J Stables.

Thank you-
Dave N Rocky Lombardi
Owners Double J Stables


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